Chapter 5: Institutional capacity building for conflict sensitivity

Brief Summary

Purpose of chapter

This chapter explains how to begin the process of mainstreaming conflict sensitivity into an organisation in a systematic way using a six-step framework.

Who should read it

Practitioners working in governments, civil society (local and international) and donor organisations. But first they need a good understanding of the key aspects of conflict sensitivity as outlined in the earlier parts of this Resource Pack.

Why they should read it

Because all practitioners at all levels are both impacted by, and can impact, the development of their institution’s capacity for conflict sensitivity.


  1. Introduction
  2. Assessing institutional capacity for conflict sensitivity
  3. The importance of connectivity
  4. Reflecting on experience
  5. Opportunities and challenges
  6. Plan of action
  7. Monitor and evaluate results
  8. Endnotes
  9. Annex 1: Institutional framework for mainstreaming conflict sensitivity
  10. Annex 2: Resources and training facilities
  11. Annex 3: Bibliography