Chapter 3: Applying conflict sensitivity at project and programme level

Brief Summary

Purpose of chapter

The three modules in this chapter explain how to integrate conflict sensitivity into projects and programmes at the following three stages of the project cycle:

  • planning
  • implementation
  • monitoring and evaluation

Who should read it

Practitioners involved in managing projects and programmes at all stages, whether working in the field or at headquarters, and regardless of whether they belong to civil society, government, international NGOs or donors.

Why they should read it

All project interventions impact on and are impacted by the context in which they are situated. In a conflict-prone environment, a lack of conflict sensitivity can result in projects and programmes with unintended negative impacts, or which miss opportunities to contribute to peace. This chapter will help readers to build in conflict sensitivity

during all three stages of the project lifecycle and, to the extent possible, anticipate their wider impact so as to minimise negative impacts and maximise positive ones.