Chapter 1: An Introduction to conflict-sensitive approaches to development, humanitarian assistance and peacebuilding

Brief Summary

Purpose of chapter

This chapter explains

  • what is meant by conflict sensitivity
  • who needs to have it, and when
  • how to place conflict sensitivity within development, humanitarian assistance and peacebuilding, and current debates within these fields

Who should read it

All those with responsibility for, or interest in, development, humanitarian assistance and peacebuilding, in areas at risk of or affected by violent conflict.

Why they should read it

  • To understand the relevance of conflict sensitivity within the framework of their work, even where it may appear foreign to their fields of intervention.
  • To help them situate conflict sensitivity within their policies and operations.
  • To enable them to see that conflict sensitivity is not necessarily a new approach, or an additional component to their work.


  1. Introduction to key concepts
  2. Development and conflict
  3. Humanitarian assistance and conflict
  4. Conflict sensitive partnerships
  5. Peacebuilding and conflict
  6. Endnotes
  1. Annex 1: Further reading