Transnational Corporations in Conflict Prone Zones: Public Policy Responses and a Framework for Action

Private sector activity is a significant factor influencing the shape and intensity of many conflicts. However, there has to date been little effort to engage different types of private sector actors systematically in conflict prevention. This paper argues that conflict sensitive business, and its promotion by public policymaking institutions, could become an important part of a collective effort to reduce conflict.

The paper finds that from the public policy perspective, the task is to identify and develop measures that seek to:

– minimise the negative impacts of companies operating in conflict-prone zones; and

– maximise companies’ contribution to peace-building.

The report seeks to do this by mapping actual and possible policy action on promoting a conflict-sensitive and peacebuilding approach from companies, and argues that convergence of conflict prevention and CSR policy frameworks is crucial. Based on this map, it develops a framework for action.

[Summary Source: based on Eldis]