Education for All – Nepal Review from a Conflict Perspective

This review examines the Education for All (EFA) programme in Nepal in relation to conflict and the current political crisis. Over a period of a month the team reviewed the relevant literature, visited the Mid-West and East of the country, and engaged in consultation with stakeholders in Nepal.

The Review concludes that the design of the EFA programme is directly aimed at issues of exclusion and therefore is a highly appropriate response to conflict. Among the instruments available to donors it may be one of the most suitable at the current time. It reflects many of the DAC Principles for working in Fragile States. The Review recommends continued funding at current levels. It discusses, however, a number of serious deficiencies in implementation and makes recommendations for donors to focus their efforts in relation to the EFA programme more sharply ‘on’ conflict.

[Summary Source: Based on executive summary]

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