Development Dimensions of Conflict Prevention and Peacebuilding

The objective of this study is to bring together the diverse strands of current thought on the link between development on the one hand and conflict prevention and peacebuilding on the other. It seeks to provide answers to the basic questions of how development cooperation can contribute most effectively to the maintenance, and return to peace.

The document aims to:

– Respond to analytical needs identified in the Brahimi report and related discussions to set out clearly the development dimensions of peacebuilding and potential contributions to it.

– Take account of a broad range of existing expert analyses. Policy and operational experience, and examinations of best practice.

– Provide an appropriate base for potential wider consultations to engage development and other agencies in assessing these results and their possible implications.

– Offer a realistic conceptual framework to guide policy and operations in the general conflict prevention and peacebuilding arena, and specifically guide UNDP/Bureau for Crisis Prevention and Recovery future strategy and programme development in relevant areas.


[Summary Source: from forward by Julia V. Taft]