About Us

The Conflict Sensitivity Community Hub (CSC-Hub) is a global network of organizations and individuals working on conflict sensitive approaches in their field. It was founded when over 40 leading international conflict sensitivity experts from NGOs, donors, academia and think tanks identified a need for increased awareness, capacity, funding and advocacy for conflict sensitivity, as well as exchange and networking among the scattered CS community.

Vision & Mission
The CSC-Hub aims to bring together actors in the fields of development, humanitarian, peacebuilding, security, research and business using conflict sensitivity at policy, organizational and programmatic level. The Hub is to become the “center of gravity” for conflict sensitivity. Building on efforts of existing networks and initiatives, it identifies synergies and facilitates collaboration and coordination among organizations dealing with conflict sensitivity.

The CSC-Hub is centrally steered, with a secretariat that promotes and coordinates conflict sensitivity related activities jointly agreed
and run by Hub members.

Theory of Change
The CSC-Hub aspires to improve the overall impact of development, humanitarian, peacebuilding, security and business actors through joint and collaborative efforts that strengthen the application of conflict sensitivity on policy, organizational and programmatic levels, from the local to the international level.

By adopting Conflict Sensitive approaches in the aforementioned fields, stakeholders will support interventions that are more
efficient, effective and strengthen local capacities for peace.

The CSC-Hub contributes to the aspirations above by ensuring that:
● Evidence on the effectiveness of CS is gathered and disseminated;
● Resources, research and guidance on CS are elaborated and shared among practitioners, private sector, and policy-makers;
● Profile of and accountability for CS policy is raised across sectors and actors.

Focus areas of the CSC hub:
● Developing a strong community of practice through joint analysis, evidence building, monitoring and evaluation, exchange
and information sharing;
Convening organisations on local, national, regional and international level, creating synergies between the local and the
Promoting cross-sector conflict sensitivity guidance with a range of actors;
Enabling advocacy and policy dialogue through awareness raising, active engagement in existing policy fora, and accountability.